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A unique perspective of technology innovation that strengthens us for the improvement of human health.

Innovare R&D is the Mexican Pharmaceutical Company truly committed with Science applied to Human Health Improvement.

About Us

Innovare R&D comprises a group of pharmaceutical companies that develop and commercialize drugs in the areas of hematology, immunology, infectious disease, CNS, and urology. Innovare R&D has built a unique partnering model where we collaborate with biopharmaceutical companies in a strategy to proof the applicability of their platform in improving patient´s outcomes. We have regional (Mexico) coverage for commercializing products that have already been approved by the FDA/ EMA/ Health Canada/ Swissmedic/ TGA, while for the case of products where we are leading their development with our partners in the U.S. and Europe, we are in constant search for worldwide or regional partners after their efficacy has been proven.

LFB Mexico

Innovare R&D is the exclusive distributor for LFB Group in Mexico. The pipeline ranges from plasma derived to recombinant proteins in the field of immunology, hematology, perinatology, and intensive care. Innovare R&D is looking for novel therapeutics that can fit our commercial operation in Mexico in such therapeutic areas.

Heklab Pharma

Heklab Pharma is a sales and marketing subsidiary of Innovare R&D that is intended to cover the fields of urology and HRT, mainly for branded generics developed in-house and licenses of drugs approved in other regions, like Europe and the US. For these indications, we´re always open to assess new opportunities for the introduction on novel therapies for the Mexican market. Heklab Pharma will also commercialize some of its in-house products in South America through partners with an expertise and good understanding of their own markets.


We are currently developing an entire new formulation and manufacturing platform for the delivery of drugs as oral dispersible films in the areas of CNS, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. Some of the formulations for certain indications will be commercialized through regional partners for Latin America and Europe, while in the field of urology, Heklab Pharma will be in charge of their marketing for Mexico. The manufacturing line will be the first of its kind in all of Latin America, and clinical trials of the first formulations are foreseen by September 2017.

Bioventure Holding

Bioventure Holding is the R&D arm of Innovare R&D for new molecular entities, or drugs that are good candidates to follow the FDA´s 505(b)(2)pathway. It invests in their entire development program, ensuring the best regulatory strategy, always communicating with the major agencies in the world. Bioventure Holding is also an investment vehicle to grant access to the development of its innovative or optimized drugs to private capital. The model is based on the application of the best platforms throughout the Industry to achieve better patient outcomes, or in the development of new molecular entities in the field of infectious disease, being a great opportunity for their clinical trials in Mexico.


Our pipeline is focused on innovation, research & development, seeking to meet medical needs to improve patient’s outcome.

  • LFB

    LFB Mexico

    Drug substance - Stage of development for Mexico

    Normal human immunoglobulin - Marketed

    Human Clotting Factor VIII - Marketed

    Human Clotting Factor IX - Marketed


    Human Fibrinogen - Marketed

    Eptacog Beta (recombinant activated Factor VIIa) - Under review by COFEPRIS

    Human Albumin - Launch Q1/2018

  • <Heklab Pharma

    Heklab® Pharma

    HekToTrim® - Testosterone undecanoate (Q4-2017)

    HekTo-4® - Testosterone propionate/ phenylpropionate/ isocaproate/ decanoate (Q4-2017)

    ForToJet® - Testosterone cipionate (Q4-2017)® - Testosterone base (Q4-2017)

    Gexta® Oral - PDE5 inhibitor, disclosure upon CDA (Q4-2017)

    Gexta® ODF - PDE5 inhibitor, disclosure upon CDA (Q1-2018)

    Viragen® - Imiquimod (Q4-2017)

    Duruit® - Nitrofurantoin (Q1-2018)

    Durextra® - Lidocain, prilocain (Q4-2017)

  • Bioventure Holding

    Growth Hormone Deficiency - 505(b)(2) (Formulation Development/Q4-2017)

    Hemophilia A - BLA (Feasibility Study/Q3-2017)

    HIV-1 - IND (Sustained release formulation development/Q2-2017)

    Multi resistant TB - IND (Preclinical Toxicology/Q3-2017)

Management Team


Business Development Manager

  • One of the core areas of the company, this position is intended to work hand by hand with the CEO in the search and assessment of new drug delivery platforms globally, new molecular entities that match the ongoing developments, and help new customers in their assessment of a co-development with us.

    • Ideally with a scholar background in molecular biology or biochemistry.
    • Willingness to travel.
    • Absolute master of the English language (preferably as the native language).

Discovery and Preclinical Development Manager

  • Among all the available CROs throughout the Biotech sector, this position will oversee coordinating and supervising their performance and outcomes each study. This position requires operative as well as scientific skills, as it ranges from discovery biology to the assessment of all different animal models that exist to choose the most suitable on a case-by-case basis.

    • Preferably scientific background.
    • Absolute master of the English language.

Marketing Manager (LFB Mexico)

  • This position oversees transmitting and constantly training on all LFB´s marketing tools to the local sales force (Mexico), along with the elaboration and control of marketing and promotional materials, supported by the regulatory affairs team for a full compliance with the local authorities.

    • Medical or pharmacology background is preferred.
    • English skills (advanced) required.
    • Spanish required.
    • French language desirable.